Chaiseri is a Thai company specialize in Defense Land system for Armored vehicle, Tracks system, Runflat, and maintenance, upgrading service for military vehicle. We design, manufacture, recondition, upgrade military vehicle and its subsystem to meet satisfaction of the growing needs of armed forces and internal security organization. Our product and service under brand “Chaiseri” has been delivered to 6 continents, more than 40 countries. Helping to maintain the peace of nations and increasing land system readiness to the end user defense forces, we have experienced in the business since 1968 (B.E. 2511)

CHAISERI production facility, area of 140,000 sqm, located in industrial district, Pathumthani, Thailand, 40 km North from Bangkok city center and 50 km to seaport. We have various type of machine from latest state of the art CNC machine, various type of cutting machine, pressing machine, dynamometer test, various type of test machine, sand blasting room, paint / coating room and oven, rubber forming and etc. We have system integration engineer and technician more than 30 peoples and various type of machine for service customer. Product and Service are categorized in to 5 segments.

  1. Armored Vehicle
  2. Track System
  3. Recondition and Upgrading Military Vehicle
  4. Runflat
  5. Customize Armored vehicle for specific mission


   To be Thai reliable and trusted partner in Defense Land system

Our Values


Doing what is right, and keep what we promise

Customer satisfaction

Consistency to high customer satisfaction


Be reliable, consistent every time, and to improve everyday


Ensures that customers are cared for, their needs are listened to, and helping them in finding the right solution and Caring for society.



To provide defense material that is good quality and fulfilling the requirement by combining in house capability and integrating of innovation

Quality Assurance

In our continuous quality control process, we have stringent batch laboratory test of raw materials and field testing under actual operating condition which are standard practice of Chaiseri in order to make the products’ quality according to Military specification and NATO standard.

Every product manufactured by Chaiseri thoroughly examined by an in-house quality assurance team, from raw materials to finished products, hence we always offer top quality products to our clients. Also, we have received certificates of appreciation for our products and services from our previous customers.

With our policy of supplying excellent quality at reasonable prices together with on-time delivery, our customers can ensure that every single product from Chaiseri will meet the customer expectation.



Chaiseri is located in the province of Pathumthani, which is north of Bangkok, Thailand.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Chaiseri serve local community

Green industry

Project for Cultivate youth to see the importance of trees.

Little Governor project

Inspiring youth to see, to think, and to feel the responsibility of Governor and to experience the technology, how to build the armored vehicle.

Donating to government

Being part of the society helping each other during crisis time with Strom and Flood in Southern part of Thailand.


Prime minister’s export Award 2006

For Distinctive Development & Marketing of Thai Owned Design

Prime minister’s export Award 2007

For Outstanding Performance as Thai Owned Brand

Prime minister’s export Award 2008

Design Excellence Award Track Shoes for All Type Amored Track Vehicle

Prime minister’s export Award 2015

For Outstanding Performance as Best Thai Brand

Prime minister’s export Award 2018

For Outstanding Performance as Best Exporter

IPITex 2014 Design Excellence Award for Armored Vehicle

Bullet and Blast protection 4×4 type by CHAISERI from Department of Export Promotion


Quality Management System Standard


Environmental Management System Standard


Health Safety Management System Standard